Snowflake Ice Mold


This unique Snow Flake mold creates beautiful ice sculptures that will create a picture-perfect wintry scene in your glass, ideal for Christmas drinks...or any season! Not only that: Making the snow flakes is simple too. As always, simply heat the aluminum mold in hot water, slip on your block of ice, attach the top and slide in the rods. The mold does the rest in seconds.


snow flake snowflake ice ball mold iceball drink


This 30mm "mini" mold also features two ice cube trays so you can prepare the ice to make your snow flakes, meaning you won't waste any time at all in serving those perfect snow flake drinks! You should be able to make up to 40 seasonal ice in an hour, enough for surely even the most impatient of drinkers!


snow flake snowflake ice ball mold iceball drink


Available online at Japan Trend below!

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